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Full-Service Apprenticeships

Customized apprenticeships with automated job descriptions.

Customer Support

Unlimited email and chat support with our in-house, US-based team.

Curriculum Planning

Classroom training strategy, customizable courses and requirements.

On-the-Job Training

Automated competency builder and achievement-based wage progressions.

Federal Registration

State filing, compliance reporting, and document management.

Self-Service Profiles

Allow employees to easily create their own profiles.

Performance Tracking

Time tracking, evaluations, feedback, and performance management tools.

Resource Center

Apprenticeship library with guides and downloadable templates.

NFT Certificates

Blockchain-minted NFT certificates.

Frequently asked questions.

How do I get set up on Apprentix?
We’re happy to help whether you need to setup your first apprenticeship program (congrats!) or manage an existing one more easily (good choice). Click here to get started.
What are all of the things I can do with Apprentix?
There’s so much you can do with Apprentix! To start with, you can create apprenticeships within minutes, manage those from end to end, customize your curriculum, federally register for funding, and receive support while staying compliant. We can also help you build skills-based job postings, on-the-job learning plans, and even create NFT Certificates for graduating apprentices.
What are all of the forms Apprentix will fill out for me?
We fill out Equal Employment Opportunity Pledge forms for all apprenticeships and for federally registered apprenticeships, we fill out all the required forms (things like Appendix A, Boilerplate Standards, and others). What’s extra nice is that you can complete, sign, and e-store your documents right from your Apprentix account. Easy!
What action do I need to take to federally register my apprenticeship through Apprentix?
Once you go through the setup steps in Apprentix, you’ll be asked if you want to federally register your apprenticeship. Simply answer ‘yes’ and we’ll fill out the forms for you. Just download the completed forms and send those to your state apprenticeship office and they’ll take it from there. Gone are months of email ping pong!
Does Apprentix offer time tracking software?
Yep! Apprentices are reminded every week to log their time so that they’re always up-to-date. Time can be allocated to courses and on-the-job learning and managers review and approve. You can get a summary or detailed view by logging in through your account. We take all the hassle out of time tracking specifically for apprenticeships!
I need more answers. Who can I contact?
If you’re shopping for the best apprenticeship platform, we recommend exploring some other pages on this site — you’ll find information about creating apprenticeships, curriculum design, on-the-job training, performance tracking, and more. And our Help Center has lots of help information. If you need to get in touch with our team, checkout our contact page.