What Makes Apprentix the Best Apprenticeship Management Software and Apprenticeship Platform?

Learn why our comprehensive apprenticeship management software and platform will give you all you need to track and manage your apprentices.

February 11, 2024

Considering buying an apprenticeship management software or apprenticeship platform for your business? Learn why our comprehensive tool will give you all you need to track and manage your apprentices and then some. 

The only all-in-one apprenticeship platform.

Plenty of software companies can slap "apprenticeship" on their technology and call it an apprenticeship platform – but is it? What turns so many organizations off from creating apprenticeships is the lack of comprehensive tools available to do so. It's hard to rally support behind a new way of doing business if it requires multiple clunky and expensive pieces of software that don't natively speak to each other.

That's why I created Apprentix. Apprentix is modern apprenticeship software for businesses looking to quickly design and manage apprenticeship programs. This tool empowers businesses to build talent pipelines and reduce turnover through high-quality apprenticeships.

Apprentix is the only apprenticeship software that spans the entire apprenticeship program end-to-end. Apprentix helps create, recruit, manage, and track your apprenticeship program. There's no need to purchase and link any other tool. I streamlined everything not just because I want to have the best apprenticeship management software – but because I've experienced the frustration of trying to run apprenticeship programs without it. This is my gift to you. 

How does our apprenticeship management software work?

After spending two years designing and coding this apprenticeship software, I've created a product that cuts apprenticeship design time from months to minutes. Apprentix automates essential elements of apprenticeship management like writing a job description, filling out DoL Registration documents, creating On-The-Job Learning (OJL) plans, and scheduling wage progressions.

Setting up your Apprentix account.

Starting an apprenticeship program shouldn't be as difficult as learning a new language. Apprentix's 11-step design process puts everything in plain English. Plus, it doesn't cost anything until you hire your first apprentice. 

  1. Identify the positions in your company that you want to turn into apprenticeships. 
  2. Select the program sponsor (the person accountable for overseeing and tracking your apprentice's progress. 
  3. Input employer info. 
  4. Create a skills-based job description (or have us generate one for you). 
  5. Create a classroom learning plan.
  6. Create an on-the-job plan (or have us generate one for you). 
  7. Build out a wage schedule.
  8. Choose what wraparound services you want.
  9. Define your recruiting process.
  10. Add your employees.
  11. Select whether you want to federally register your program (and input the necessary info to prepare the documentation).

While I'm fully confident anyone can complete these steps with minimal assistance, I've created a video playlist explaining how each one works. 

Automating your program functions.

The best part about using Apprentix is that you don’t need a fully-baked apprenticeship plan to get started. Here’s everything Apprentix automates:

Apprenticeship Design

  • Creating a job description
  • Developing an on-the-job learning (OJL) plan for your job title
  • Setting wage progressions based on apprentice achievements
  • Finding recruiting sources to hire a diverse workforce
  • Mentorship and supportive service program setup
  • Capturing all the information needed to create a RAP
  • Completing the DoL's registered apprenticeship forms
  • Federally registering your apprenticeship​​

Apprenticeship Management

  • Logging apprenticeship course hours
  • Accessing and viewing coursework progress 
  • Submitting credit from previous experience for approval
  • Logging hours for on-the-job learning (OJL)
  • Viewing OJL progress
  • Enabling managers to access, view, and approve apprentice progress 
  • Distributing wage progressions based on apprentice achievements set during design
  • Viewing and managing apprentices by cohort
  • Managing multiple apprenticeships at one time
  • Accessing and viewing all details of an apprenticeship
  • Evaluating competencies through Apprentix
  • Providing feedback to apprentices through Apprentix
  • Sending email reminders to apprentices to submit logs
  • Issuing data-transparent digital certificates
  • Generating custom reports
  • Tracking and reporting on company demographic data

The most transparent apprentice tracking system.

Glorified excel spreadsheets and other tracking tools like Apprentrac, myOneFlow, and TradeSchool are fine – but they don't provide the same comprehensive tracking as Apprentix. 

With my apprentice tracking system, apprentices can submit time logs and requests for evaluations for technical, behavioral, and technology competencies, credit for previous work and education experience, and interim credential achievement. 

As the Admin, you and the apprentice's manager can review, edit, and approve all time and evaluation requests. You'll even be notified when the approval you're making will trigger a wage increase. That way, you can be sure the apprentice is proficient in that area before they get a raise.

For businesses with Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs), you know how painful RAPIDS reporting and audits can be. Apprentix has a report export feature to make RAPIDs reporting simple. When you use our apprenticeship software, you'll easily capture evidence in support of time and evaluations, so you have everything you need for audits with the click of a button.

Our privacy promise.

Apprentix guarantees that you have total privacy control over your account. Your secret sauce stays your secret sauce. User permissions are based on the roles you assign (Admin, Sponsor, Manager, Mentor, Apprentice). Apprentix will never sell your data to third parties. 

Who uses our apprenticeship software?

Apprentix can be used by many different industries and types of businesses to train the workforce of the future. 

SSA Group, a hospitality group, is using Apprentix to train apprentices for General Manager (responsible for overseeing entire business units of a zoo, aquarium, or other cultural attraction), Assistant General Manager, Food Operations Manager (responsible for food programs at various locations), Retail Operations Manager (for gift shops), and District Chefs. 

WorkLife Partnership, a nonprofit providing wraparound services to businesses, uses Apprentix to upskill their existing employees into management positions. 

…and me. 

I use Apprentix to apprentice my customer support representatives for my apprenticeship software. I also use Apprentix to track apprentices for Flow, my content marketing business, and Ravience, my customer service business, to entry-level workers and existing managers interested in furthering their careers and skillsets. 

Our money-back guarantee.

I believe in my product – I implement it in everything I do. That's why I'm offering a money-back guarantee.

If you're not perfectly happy with the results you're getting from Apprentix after 90-days, we'll gladly refund your money. We're also happy to provide you with an additional 90-days free with coaching to ensure you and your apprentices are getting the results you need.

When companies choose Apprentix as their apprenticeship management platform, they get more than a piece of software. Get in touch with us to schedule your free one-hour consultation with one of our apprenticeship experts. 

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