Serial Entrepreneur Andy Seth Launches ‘Apprenticeships for All’ via new apprenticeship software

Serial Entrepreneur Andy Seth Launches ‘Apprenticeships for All’ via new apprenticeship software

July 17, 2024

New apprenticeship software, Apprentix, can track and manage multiple programs and expand offerings to even more employees.

Denver, CO – Serial entrepreneur Andy Seth is excited to announce his latest initiative, Apprenticeships for All, by way of his two B corporations – Flow and Ravience.

Seth is expanding apprenticeship offerings in Flow, his content marketing business, and Ravience, his customer service business, to entry-level workers and existing managers interested in furthering their careers and skillsets. 

The programs will run through Seth's newest startup, Apprentix, an online platform that helps companies create and manage their own apprenticeships. Business owners interested in creating their own apprenticeship program can contact an Apprenticeship Expert here or at for a free one-hour consultation.

Apprenticeships at Flow and Ravience are available for positions in Content Marketing and Quality Assurance for entry-level employees and Business Development and Operations for existing employees. All roles are 100% remote and apprentices are paid to learn.

"I want to inspire other modern leaders to take their existing training programs, make some tweaks, and turn them into apprenticeships," says Seth. "There are so many incredible business benefits to implementing this structure – including diversifying your candidate pool, lowering recruiting costs, and developing your employees' skills to your company's exact needs."

Seth developed Apprentix after organically offering apprenticeships in all of his businesses. He always intended on expanding his programs but needed capable software to manage and track their progress. After realizing such a product didn't exist, he set out to code one himself. 

Apprentix allows users to design programs from scratch or select one of the 50,000 existing apprenticeships for their own use. Business owners can also designate appropriate wage schedules and register their program with the federal government, if they choose.

“Not everyone can take on debt to go to college, but that doesn’t make them less deserving of a good job or less hard-working. In fact, 94% of apprentices continue their employment after graduating. That’s something a four-year degree can’t guarantee,” says Seth.


Apprentix is the only apprenticeship platform that allows organizations to create apprenticeships from scratch and manage them, all in one tool.

Flow is one of the world's leading personal branding agencies and rated top 10% of all B-Corps worldwide. Flow delivers brand strategy, websites, content marketing, and book marketing.

Ravience is a US-based customer experience services company providing online businesses with responsive, affordable, and highly-skilled agents to turn customers into raving fans.

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