End Point Assessment (EPA / EPAO)

What is an EPA?

The final assessment that apprentices must take in order to complete their apprenticeship. The test is design to determine whether the apprentice has fully acquired the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviours (KSB) required by the apprenticeship standard. The format of this assessment is determined by the standard, but can include a practical section, an interview, a project, a written portion, and/or a presentation.

What is an EPAO?

An agency, typically independent, that is responsible for administering the End Point Assessment. EPAOs are responsible for setting the EPA assessment criteria, appointing & training assessors, conducting the assessments, and awarding the earned certifications.

Why do I need to take an EPA?

Apprentices who pass the EPA earn a certificate of completion, which demonstrates their KSB to potential employers. Apprentices who fail, have an opportunity to take the assessment at a later date. For some apprenticeships, the EPA completion certificate will also be recognized by an authorized government organization.

How do EPAs help?


  • provide a reliable and impartial assessment of an apprentice's skills, knowledge, and abilities.
  • help ensure that apprentices meet the standards required for their chosen occupation.
  • can help apprentices to progress in their careers.
  • can help employers to identify and develop their most talented employees.


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