What is a contract?

A written agreement between an apprentice and their employer. The apprenticeship contract outlines the terms of the apprenticeship, such as the length of the apprenticeship, the wages that the apprentice will earn, and the training that the apprentice will receive. This document is simpler to a standard employment contract.

A separate document called a commitment statement may need to be signed as well. The commitment statement is usually signed by the apprentice, the employer, and the training provider

Why is a contract needed?

Here are some of the benefits of having both a contract and a commitment statement:

  • Clarity: Both documents can help to clarify the expectations of all parties involved in the apprenticeship.
  • Prevention of misunderstandings: Both documents can help to prevent misunderstandings by providing a written record of the agreement.
  • Resolution of disputes: If there is a dispute between the apprentice and the employer, the contract can be used to resolve the dispute.
  • Protection of the apprentice: The commitment statement can help to protect the apprentice by outlining their rights and responsibilities.

When is the contract signed?

The apprenticeship contract is signed after the apprentice has been accepted into the program and the employer has agreed to provide the training.


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