Apprenticeship coordinator

What are apprenticeship coordinators?

A person who is responsible for recruiting, selecting, and placing apprentices. They are also responsible for providing apprentices with the support they need to succeed in their program.

Why are apprenticeship coordinators important?

Apprenticeship coordinators connect the various stakeholders and resources to the apprentice. This function is inherently important, but even more so to new apprenticeship programs which will be pointing to the success of the first class of apprentices to retain or attract sponsors.

How coordinators different from intermediaries?

Intermediaries and apprenticeship coordinators are not the same, although they can sometimes overlap in their roles and responsibilities.

An apprenticeship coordinator typically refers to an individual or a designated position within an organization or educational institution responsible for overseeing and managing apprenticeship programs. 

On the other hand, intermediaries refer to organizations or entities that act as intermediaries or facilitators between apprentices and employers. They play a role in connecting apprentices with suitable apprenticeship opportunities and assisting employers in finding qualified candidates. 

While apprenticeship coordinators focus primarily on the management and administration of apprenticeship programs within a specific organization or institution, intermediaries have a broader scope and often operate at a regional or industry-wide level, working with multiple stakeholders to promote apprenticeships and facilitate their successful implementation.


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