Alumni / Alumnus (Singular)

What are alumni?

The former apprentices who have completed a program. Apprenticeship alumni can provide valuable support and advice to current and future apprentices. They can share their experiences, offer advice, and provide support. The apprenticeship program may have a formal process for connecting apprentices with alumni, so it is helpful for potential apprentices to reach out the apprenticeship organization if they have questions.

Should I speak to an alumnus?

If given the opportunity to connect to alumni, apprentices will be able to ask questions and get answers from someone who has been in their position.

Alumni can:

  • Provide advice and guidance: Alumni can share their experiences of the apprenticeship process and offer advice on how to succeed. They can also provide guidance on the best way to choose an apprenticeship program and an employer.
  • Share their experiences: Alumni can share their experiences of working in a particular occupation. This can help current apprentices to get a better understanding of the job and the industry.
  • Provide support: Alumni can provide support to current apprentices who are struggling. They can offer encouragement and advice, and they can help apprentices to develop coping mechanisms.
  • Help to build a network of contacts: Alumni can help current apprentices to build a network of contacts in the industry. This can be helpful for finding jobs, getting advice, and staying up-to-date on industry trends.

How is this relevant?

In some cases, the assigned mentor may themselves be a graduate of the same apprenticeship program. If not, apprentices can speak to the apprenticeship director and ask about the program’s alumni. Connecting with them can give apprentices insights that can help them succeed in the apprenticeship program and beyond.


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