WE Center Boosts Apprenticeship Outcomes with Apprentix

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February 20, 2024


The WE Center, directed by Codney Washington in Pine Bluff, AR, is dedicated to equipping today's youth with the skills needed for successful careers and entrepreneurship. Offering a range of apprenticeships, the center aims to address community needs by fostering individual growth.


Managing and tracking the progress of apprentices across diverse programs like Craft Laborers, Landscape Management Technicians, Plumbers, HVAC, Heavy Equipment Operators, and Electricians posed a significant challenge due to the complexity and variety of their offerings.

"Thanks to Apprentix, we expanded our apprenticeship capacity, effectively meeting community needs. Their platform revolutionized our program management."

Codney Washington
WE Center


Apprentix was implemented to streamline the management of their apprenticeship programs, providing a unified platform for tracking apprentice progress across all occupations. This allowed the WE Center to efficiently organize its programs and monitor each apprentice's development.


With Apprentix, the WE Center has successfully expanded its apprenticeship capacity, leading to an increase in the number of apprentices completing their programs. This enhancement in program management has enabled the center to more effectively meet the vocational and technical training needs of the community.

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