How Twin City Garage Door Leveraged Apprentix to Fuel Nationwide Growth

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February 20, 2024


Twin City Garage Door, known for its comprehensive garage door services, embarked on a mission to expand nationwide. With a vision to support growth, they aimed to develop talent through apprenticeships, creating career pathways for garage door installers and technicians.


The challenge was twofold: implementing an apprenticeship program that was both effective and compliant, and transitioning away from inefficient tools like notebooks and spreadsheets for tracking performance. They needed a solution that could manage their apprenticeship programs and provide clear, actionable data without overwhelming their team.

"With Apprentix, we established a robust apprenticeship program, enhancing our growth and enabling nationwide expansion. Their platform made management seamless."

Travis Flack
Leader of Training & Development
Twin City Garage Door


Apprentix provided the perfect blend of technology and service. With Apprentix's intuitive platform, Twin City Garage Door could easily set up, manage, and track their apprenticeship programs. The platform's user-friendly design and comprehensive functionality, including time tracking and evaluations, allowed for a seamless transition to a more structured and efficient training system.


Twin City Garage Door successfully established a robust apprenticeship program, enhancing their learning management system and planning for a future training center. The collaboration with Apprentix enabled them to offer structured career progression for employees, from entry-level positions to skilled journeymen, fostering internal talent development and supporting their nationwide expansion.

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