Trelora Partners with Apprentix to Launch a Mortgage Broker Registered Apprenticeship Program

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February 20, 2024


Trelora, committed to modernizing home ownership by simplifying, streamlining, and demystifying the real estate process, identified an opportunity to innovate within the industry further. Recognizing the potential to enhance their service offering, co-founder and COO, Dave Workman, envisioned launching an apprenticeship program for mortgage brokers.


The real estate sector, although benefiting from technological advancements, still operates on an outdated commission model. Trelora aimed to disrupt this by creating a new pathway for developing in-house mortgage brokers, thereby offering a more integrated and customer-friendly service at a fraction of the traditional cost.

"Apprentix supported the launch of our innovative mortgage broker apprenticeship, enhancing our business model and service offering."

Dave Workman
Co-Founder & COO


Apprentix was enlisted to bring this vision to life, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and educational resources. Through the Apprenticeship Launch System and Operating System, Apprentix provided the necessary framework to establish and manage Trelora's apprenticeship program from the ground up.


Trelora successfully launched a registered apprenticeship program for mortgage brokers, cultivating talent internally and pioneering a unique business model in the real estate industry. This initiative not only enhanced Trelora's service offering but also opened doors for aspiring mortgage brokers, furthering innovation and improving customer experiences in real estate transactions.

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