Summit Fire and Security Ignites Apprenticeship Efficiency and Growth with Apprentix

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February 20, 2024


Summit Fire and Security, a leader in fire protection, security, and life safety solutions, embarked on an ambitious journey to overhaul their apprenticeship programs. With 135 apprentices in Sprinkler Fitter roles and 60 in Inspection roles, Michelle Hutto-Alejandro, the Apprenticeship Program Manager, faced significant challenges in managing and scaling the programs to meet national standards and compliance requirements.


The company struggled with fragmented record-keeping across 13 different systems, making it difficult to access information, track apprentices' progress, and maintain compliance. The manual and disjointed processes hampered efficiency and growth potential, prompting the need for a unified solution that could also accommodate the addition of new occupations.

"Apprentix transformed our apprenticeship program management, driving efficiency and growth. Their solution set a national standard."

Michelle Hutto-Alejandro
Program Manager
Summit Fire and Security


Apprentix provided a comprehensive solution, consolidating all apprenticeship management needs into one platform. This included tracking time, classes, OJT, competency evaluations, and wage progressions. Apprentix's user-friendly interface, automated notifications, and real-time reporting streamlined operations, while its flat-fee pricing model offered predictability and transparency in costs.


Summit Fire and Security was able to centralize their apprenticeship program management, improving efficiency, compliance, and the ability to scale. The transition to a hybrid apprenticeship model for Sprinkler Fitters and the structured approach to Inspection apprenticeships positioned Summit as a national standard bearer in the fire protection industry. Michelle and her team now enjoy a streamlined, effective system that supports their growth and the continuous development of their apprentices.

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