Narrow Way Energy Wins Multi-Million Dollar Projects Thanks to Apprentix

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February 20, 2024


Narrow Way Energy, a solar installation company based in Texas, prides itself on delivering high-quality electrical contracting services with a focus on customer satisfaction. As they expanded into renewable energy projects, they faced a unique challenge: meeting the apprenticeship program requirements mandated by the Inflation Reduction Act for contractors working on larger projects.


Hiram and Jethro, two brothers leading Narrow Way Energy, needed to qualify for renewable energy projects requiring at least 15% of the work to be completed by apprentices. However, they were unsure how to start and manage an apprenticeship program that met these strict guidelines.

"Thanks to Apprentix, we quickly met apprenticeship requirements for major projects, securing our growth in renewable energy. Their solution was key to our success."

Hiram LeBaron
Narrow Way Energy


Apprentix provided a comprehensive solution through its apprenticeship launch and operating systems. Narrow Way Energy was educated on how to start, run, and manage apprenticeship programs, which was crucial for their compliance and qualification for significant projects. The Apprentix platform enabled them to efficiently create and oversee their programs.


Thanks to Apprentix, Narrow Way Energy quickly qualified for multi-million dollar projects across various states, including Virginia, Texas, North Carolina, and Ohio. Their rapid growth and ability to continue winning projects can be directly attributed to the effective use of Apprentix's services and platform. They have publicly acknowledged Apprentix for their support, stating that their apprenticeship program, approved by the Texas Department of Labor, offers new growth possibilities and a structured way to train and certify new talent.

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