Enscicon's Apprenticeship Innovation Fuels Renewable Energy Projects with Apprentix

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February 20, 2024


Enscicon, a Denver-based recruiting and staffing firm specializing in the construction and engineering industry, faced a unique challenge. With a focus on multi-year renewable energy projects, they needed to meet the apprenticeship requirements mandated by the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). As the employer of record for their clients, Enscicon was responsible for creating and operating IRA-compliant registered apprenticeships.


Mike Hadro of Enscicon approached Apprentix with little prior knowledge of apprenticeship programs or how to run them. Balancing operational and business development duties, he required a solution that provided not just technology support but also comprehensive guidance and education on launching and operating apprenticeship programs.

"With Apprentix, we navigated apprenticeship requirements for renewable energy projects, enhancing our industry position. Their comprehensive solution was pivotal."

Mike Hadro
Vice President


Apprentix offered the perfect blend of technology, education, and fractional sponsor services to meet Enscicon's needs. The platform enabled Enscicon to provide a turnkey solution for the engineering and construction industry, allowing them to manage apprenticeships for common occupations while also supporting their clients with niche apprenticeship needs.


With Apprentix, Enscicon not only established their own apprenticeship program but also empowered their clients to launch and operate their programs, covering a wide range of occupations. This strategic approach has positioned Enscicon as a key player in the industry, securing multimillion-dollar projects by fulfilling the apprenticeship requirements critical to their success.

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