How Emily Griffith Technical College and Apprentix Shape the Next Generation of Construction Professionals

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February 20, 2024


Emily Griffith Technical College, a leader in vocational education, embraced the challenge of modernizing apprenticeship management in construction and related industries. Led by Kelsey Glass, the Dean of Apprenticeship, EGTC was on the verge of launching another Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship Program. The college offered a broad spectrum of apprenticeships, including in-demand fields like construction, healthcare, and technology.


The college needed a robust system to track and manage apprenticeships across diverse construction-related occupations, including Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC Technicians, and Heavy Equipment Operators, ensuring seamless integration with industry partners.

The college faced the challenge of tracking progress across various apprenticeship programs while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. With multiple occupations and partner businesses involved, a unified system was needed to manage on-the-job training and classroom instruction effectively.

"Apprentix streamlined our construction apprenticeship management, fostering industry-ready professionals. Their platform was transformative."

Kelsey Glass
Dean of Apprenticeship
Emily Griffith Technical College


Apprentix was adopted as the solution, enabling the college to consolidate program management onto a single platform. Apprentix provided comprehensive training, including an apprenticeship launch system and operating system, alongside customized orientation materials for users.


The implementation of Apprentix allowed Emily Griffith Technical College to streamline the management of its diverse apprenticeship programs. This innovation has ensured that both apprentices and instructors have the tools they need to succeed, fostering the development of skilled professionals ready to meet the needs of the industry. Apprentix also facilitated growth in program enrollment and completion rates, and empowered construction firms with a scalable solution for developing skilled tradespeople.

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