DEN Airport's Maintenance Training Soars with Apprentix

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February 20, 2024


At Denver Airport, Ronald Anderson oversees the training center dedicated to maintenance, aiming to elevate their apprenticeship programs for plumbers and electricians to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.


The challenge was multifaceted: creating diverse career pathways, tracking classroom learning, competencies, time, and wage progressions, not just for apprenticeships but also for internships and upskilling opportunities. With existing programs in Workday Learning and content from Skillsoft, integration and comprehensive management were essential.

"Apprentix elevated our maintenance training, integrating apprenticeships into our operations effectively. The platform's capabilities are outstanding."

Ronald Anderson
Training Manager
Denver Airport Maintenance


Apprentix was chosen for its robust capabilities to manage all aspects of apprenticeship programs. It offered seamless tracking of time, competency evaluations, classroom hours, and wage progressions. The implementation was swift, integrating with existing learning management platforms and enhancing the overall structure of their maintenance training programs.


Within days, Denver Airport's maintenance training programs were operating on Apprentix, mirroring the precision and efficiency of their renowned maintenance operations. The platform enabled a finely-tuned approach to apprenticeships, internships, and upskilling, ensuring that the maintenance crew's expertise is reflected in their training and development pathways.

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