Central Arizona College Partners with Apprentix to Launch Early Childhood Education Apprenticeship Program

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February 20, 2024


Central Arizona College, under the direction of Barbara Milner, launched the Arizona Early Childhood Educator Apprenticeship Pathway. This 2-year program, funded by the Arizona Department of Economic Security and administered by the college's Professional Career Pathway Project, aims to enhance the skills of early learning professionals through a blend of coursework, mentorship, and on-the-job experience.


The challenge was to establish a customized apprenticeship program that could scale across Arizona, accommodating various employers, site locations, and curricula. With minimal experience in apprenticeship development, the college needed a comprehensive solution to design, register, and track these programs effectively across over 30 locations and more than a hundred apprentices.

"With Apprentix, we scaled our early childhood educator program across Arizona, improving apprenticeship management and quality."

Barbara Milner
Central Arizona College


Apprentix provided the needed platform, offering the flexibility to manage highly customized apprenticeship programs. Its capabilities allowed Central Arizona College to support each location with tailored on-the-job training plans and curriculum, ensuring a consistent, high-quality apprenticeship experience statewide.


Within two months, the program was successfully scaled, demonstrating the potential to replicate this model throughout Arizona. The ability to monitor each site and apprentice's progress has been crucial in establishing a scalable, impactful program that prepares early childhood educators for professional growth and advancement.

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