How Apprentix Turned Barrow & Barrow's Apprenticeship Challenge into Competitive Success

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February 20, 2024


Barrow & Barrow, a North Carolina-based surveying and mapping company, has been a stalwart in the industry since its inception in 1979. Founded by Luther Barrow and now helmed by Steve and Darryl Barrow, the company faced a significant challenge that hindered their ability to secure certain projects.


The Barrows encountered a roadblock: an inability to bid on projects requiring apprenticeship programs. This lack of an apprenticeship program led to missed opportunities, as they were either disqualified from bidding or simply not awarded projects. This situation highlighted a critical gap in their operational capabilities.

"Apprentix provided us the tools to launch our apprenticeship program swiftly, transforming our project bidding process and enabling us to win significant business. Their technology and support have been invaluable."

Darryl Barrow
Barrow & Barrow


In search of a solution, Darryl Barrow turned to Apprentix. The comprehensive solution provided by Apprentix included both the apprenticeship technology platform and fractional sponsor services. This dual approach enabled Barrow & Barrow to launch and manage their apprenticeship program efficiently, ensuring compliance without diverting focus from their core business operations.


Within 30 days, Barrow & Barrow had a fully functional apprenticeship program, designed and implemented with the assistance of Apprentix's fractional sponsor. This rapid deployment allowed them to meet project requirements, bid confidently on new projects, and, most importantly, begin winning business again. The apprenticeship program has revitalized their project pipeline, marking a significant turnaround in their ability to compete and succeed in the surveying and mapping industry.

Through partnering with Apprentix, Barrow & Barrow transformed a critical business challenge into an opportunity for growth and competitive advantage, illustrating the transformative power of effective apprenticeship programs in today's business landscape.

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