Arizona Western Accelerates Workforce Development with Apprentix Solution

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February 20, 2024


Arizona Western College, under the direction of Jim Larson, Director of Manufacturing and Apprenticeships, aimed to swiftly establish an apprenticeship program within its Career and Technical Education Division. This initiative was designed to enhance workforce preparation through a new electrical apprenticeship program, necessitating a robust platform for managing classroom instruction and on-the-job training.


The college needed to develop the program from scratch, ensuring instructors could track apprentices' progress and collaborate effectively with employers who hired these apprentices. The challenge was to integrate a system that facilitated seamless communication among instructors, employers, apprentices, and program administrators.

"Apprentix enabled rapid launch of our electrical apprenticeship program, bridging education to employment seamlessly. Their support was crucial."

Jim Larson
Arizona Western College


Apprentix was selected for its comprehensive capabilities to support every aspect of the apprenticeship process. The platform enabled instructors to monitor classroom progress, while employers could mentor and evaluate apprentices on the job. This solution bridged the gap between education and employment, ensuring a cohesive apprenticeship experience.


Within just 30 days, Arizona Western successfully launched its apprenticeship program, integrating clients and apprentices onto the Apprentix platform. This rapid deployment allowed apprentices to make swift progress towards their qualifications. As a result, Arizona Western College has not only fulfilled its mission in career and technical education but also provided a valuable tool for businesses, facilitating easier program management and encouraging more companies to partner with the college.

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