Airgas Powers Unregistered Apprenticeships with Apprentix

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February 20, 2024


Airgas, a NYSE-listed powerhouse in the industrial gas sector, ventured into uncharted territory by implementing non-registered apprenticeships to bolster its workforce development. This initiative aimed to address the unique business and training needs outside the traditional registered apprenticeship model.

Under the guidance of Chastity Troxel, Airgas's Apprenticeship Program Manager with a rich background in apprenticeship frameworks from her tenure at the Kansas Department of Commerce, Airgas aimed to tailor a program that bypassed the rigid compliance requirements of registered apprenticeships.


Airgas sought a flexible platform to manage these unique programs.  The challenge was twofold: first, navigating the apprenticeship landscape without the constraints of registered program compliance requirements; second, managing a high-quality apprenticeship program that includes tracking coursework, competencies, evaluations, and wage progressions in a streamlined manner.

"Apprentix allowed us to implement a custom apprenticeship program, aligning with our business needs effectively. Their flexibility was unmatched."

Chastity Troxel
Program Manager


Chastity found Apprentix to be the ideal solution for Airgas's needs. Apprentix's versatility in managing both registered and unregistered apprenticeships offered Airgas the tools to track coursework, competencies, evaluations, wage progressions, and more, without the compliance burden. This approach enabled Airgas to design a high-quality, custom apprenticeship program focusing on practical skills and career development, perfectly aligned with their business needs.


The adoption of Apprentix allowed Airgas to successfully implement a custom, non-registered apprenticeship program. This innovative approach has enabled Airgas to focus on the quality and effectiveness of their apprenticeships, ensuring that business needs are met without the additional burdens of registered program requirements, setting a new precedent in the apprenticeship domain.

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